July 2017 Camp NaNoWriMo Daily Word Counts

Day 1: 9004 words/37 pages I will be honest I have no idea  how I calculated that page count because according to my notes, I wrote from page 48 to page 74 (I actually “starting writing this novel” before July, but I will add 50k to it in July). Which, according to math, is 26 pages (27 pages since subtraction doesn’t count the first page or last or whatever. Tee point is, it doesn’t count one of the pages.) Of course I had a great first day, because I basically started at midnight, wrote until 2am, and then went to sleep. And then I basically wrote all day, taking breaks only for eating and going to the bathroom. It’s possible I made one phone call for work. Honestly, I don’t remember.

Day 2: 8004 words Experienced some more Week 1 of NaNo magic and it was awesome.

Day 3: 2001 words I had a graduation party to go to which was really fun but I did not write all evening. Here was also where I was already running out of steam and trying to figure out what scenes I had to write next. It didn’t come “as easily” as Day 1 and Day 2 and then I found my stride, but I just didn’t have as much time as Saturday and Sunday to just “ride the wave” once I found my stride.

Day 4: 4002 words Another pretty slow day. I honestly don’t remember what even happened. Probably watching TV. Also I went out with my family (looked at eyeglasses for my brother, and went grocery shopping with my mom and brother) and then watched a movie (Sing! It was so good!) with my family (mom and brother again.) So my late afternoon/evening was completely gone and I did not write at all.

Day 5: 1000 words I went to a doctors appointment, then came home and ate, then slept for 3 hours, then ate again, then worked out for 2 hours, and then went to my friend’s house (because her family was visiting from out of town) and I came back at like 10 or 10:30 and I wrote 1k words in a #1k30min with @nanowordsprints on Twitter and now I am updating this blog post. I am basically just trying to wait for midnight so I can just add to Day 6’s word count and try to get a big word count on Day 6. I may even reply to a friend (I have been putting off replying, because I thought I needed to focus on writing.) But I am so tired I might just sleep. She asked me advice about writing a romantic scene which makes me so happy. I love when friends ask me for romantic advice, it makes me so happy. And a writer in my cabin asked me how I write my beginnings because she was finding it hard to start. This also made me extremely happy. It’s sad, though, since I already feel dejected and like I am losing steam. I did start a new scene just now and maybe I should at least finish that. Writing 2k words is better than writing 1k words.  I honestly tried so hard to edit this post until midnight but it’s still only 11:30 so I might as well write. Be right back.

Day 6: 2001 words

Day 7: 0 so far as I am updating this page

I am realizing now that I just had exceptionally good luck the first few days: when I had no engagements or commitments so I was able to write literally all day. Then I started having to go to work, and my mom keeps inviting people for dinner, and I do really want to hang out with my friends and have fun with them, since it’s summer and everyone will go to college during the school year. I can always write during the school year if I make it a priority. In theory, I am taking easy classes except for one class that might be hard. And writing one (1) page per day (~333 words) is in no way difficult. It only takes 5 or so minutes, if I go fast. I can write ~2 pages (~666 words for those bad at math also #hailsatan jk) in ~12-15 minutes which is even better. So it is completely feasible to write during the school year, and I don’t have to worry about seeing my friends in July as a bad thing since I won’t be able to see them from September through May. So I have to see them now. Well, I can see them for a few days in December. But still. Anyway.



My idol/hero Michele/PartlyPixie (who started following this blog??? I am #shook) did this during her year of novels, so I thought it might be fun to do it, too. It’s already kind of automatically recorded on the NaNoWriMo site, but oh well. Also, I am handwriting this month’s NaNo, so that will be some boring transcribing work later.

I wasn’t whether to make this an “official post” or some kind of separate page but for now, this just seems easiest. I will just update this page as it goes on. If official publication dates can be changed, I might make it Jul 31 or even Aug 1.



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