Revised Goals

It would be fun to write a story every day. That way, next year, I have a story to edit every day. That’s a lot of stories.

Not that volume is what matters. But wouldn’t it be cool if I could publish a story a day on here?

I just want to learn. That’s what I think the purpose of life is. Learn about myself, learn about others, learn about everything. Learn as much as I can. I think there’s a really nice quote about that.

I was right. I love when I can find images to match  post.

I have so many prompts on Pinterest. I have a “writing prompts” board but I also have photography prompts, random pretty pictures, and other Pins that could also either be mixed together to form a “prompt” and that has to be enough inspiration for a year. And I will keep Pinning new stuff because Pinterest is somewhat addicted. It’s easier than Tumblr because it’s easier to Pin things to different boards (for organization) while Tumblr, the idea is you just reblog everything into one big lump (you can tag if you want) but tagging is inconvenient.

I don’t know anyone who looks down upon writing prompts. Maybe you can’t make a living off of writing prompts (as I type that, I am pretty sure that’s not true) but does it matter? Writing doesn’t have to be, and it probably won’t be, a living, especially not at first. Writing prompts help get the “Creative juices flowing” and anyway, after you edit the story, sometimes the dialogue that “prompted” the story might get cut out because the story you wrote didn’t end up “matching” the prompt.

Which isn’t a concern. It’s actually better, at least in my opinion. Then I don’t feel like I’m directly copying someone else (even if I am.) My favorite thing about writing prompts is that everyone writes a different story. That’s my favorite part of writing.

Hopefully one day I can start posting fun fiction on this site. I had some “practice prompts” or something like that on  my old website, Dawn’s AU (AU means Alternate Universe in fanfiction language).  There’s not much on there, but it exists.

I am going to stop blogging now and organize posts on here, and then take up a new prompt today.



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