I had been having a pretty amazing day so far. My hair looked amazing and all my teachers were being civil. I even got like 4 compliments on my hair.

But anyway, that’s boring news, since my hair always looks amazing.

I come home and do my writechain and start some math homework and everything is great. I even had a new scene idea either last night or this morning at 4:45 am, I can’t remember which, to be quite honest.

Depiction of me throwing away this story that I hate so much. So very, very much.

I am so scared. I am so scared to read my friends comments on this Pyrrhic story. I am procrastinating so much on it that I am writing this blog post about it.

But I have to write it for class because it’s due tomorrow and I don’t want to get even more behind on my school work than I already am.

But I know that story was bad. I didn’t even edit it myself before sending it to my friends. So I should know that it’s really rough. It is. I already know this. I knwo it sucks. I just don’t want to admit it or acknowledge it. It will be fine. I’m still a good writer even if I write 1 bad rough draft. Actually I am a god writer because I write a bad rough drafts. (I (meant to write good but that typo is too real.)  All writers write bad rough drafts.

I’m going to work through the edits that my friends gave to me and maybe even edit the story myself for once. Who knows. I got this.


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