Title your posts last

While ironically, I titled this post before I started writing it, I in fact, started writing a different post before I started writing this post. I have that open in a new tab. I have another window open with 4 Write Practice posts about plot open because, let’s face it, TWP is literally bae, and when I don’t know something, I go to the write practice.

But, this is something important that I wanted to discuss.

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Sometimes, I title posts something. I start writing. I veer greatly off course. Am I wrong? Am I bad? Unfocused? Idiotic? Yes to the third one, maybe. Yeah, I thought I wanted to write about plot but what if I really wanted to write about internal motivation for writing? But it was disguised as “writing about plot” (in terms of this blog.) Similarly. What if I wanted started out to write a story about an unsuccessful love venture, but it was actually an exploration of class differences?

We will never know.

That is why it is good to keep an open mind. It feels unfocused, but for some of us, it is the best way to get our “true” ideas out there.

I for one have no idea what I am doing in life in general. (Okay, that’s not true. But I feel like I do not know what I am doing!) And I think I am not alone in this. Life is a scary venture. We don’t know what’s going to happen. Especially at the stage in my life that I am in now.

And writing is really really similar to that. I do not know where my Selene story is going.  I just have a feeling.

I don’t know what’s gong to happen. I don’t know the title of this piece. I don’t know anything about this piece.

That’s the fun of it, though. That’s the adventure. What will happen in this story? Who knows?

Sometimes we have to write something “else” or what we “thought we wanted to write” before we just randomly veer off course to what we actually wanted to write. That happened to me again (I started this post 16 days before I finished it.) Both times I had experienced the event of starting a post with an idea in mind and then finishing the post with a completely different idea. In fact, interestingly enough, both times, the post ended up being something exciting about internal motivation relating to writing.

The important thing is, like I mentioned before, keep an open mind. Don’t scold yourself for not doing your #writechain for one day or for not writing as many words as you thought you could or even for not winning NaNoWriMo. Just by trying any of these things, just by writing even one word down on the page, you are one word further in your writing journey than you were before.

Never give up. That’s all I want to emphasize for today. And to keep an open mind.



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