Taking a break

My spring breaks starts today after school. I am officially free for one week to do whatever I want. I will fill it with homework and fun and hopefully lots of rest and relaxation.

I am also taking a break from this blog.

Taking a break from writing is as important as writing every single day. If you are participating in something like writechain, then you have to write something to serve the purpose of creating the chain, but it doesn’t have to be the novel that you are working on, or whatever big project you are working on. In fact, unless the deadline is tomorrow, it’s perfectly okay to take a little breather from the writing. It doesn’t have to mean that you are giving up. It could just mean you are getting perspective.

I haven’t written in two weeks. It’s been terrible. I have been so busy with make up school work from being incredibly ill and so many tests and quizzes and keeping track of everything has been hectic. I have not been able to keep up with my writechain so I am starting back from 0. It feels like a severe blow, but I am not going to let it get me down. I am not going to let the fact that I could only write for 21 days in a row keep me from ever writing again. That would be the stupidest thing that stopped someone from following their dreams ever. I am not a failure and this setback does not mean I want my dream any less than I wanted it before. In fact,  I may want to achieve my dreams even more than I did before, and I may be closer than ever before to achieving my dreams. The cool thing is, every single day I live, I am closer to achieving my dreams since my dreams are going to be achieved sometime in the “future” and every day I live, I get closer to the “future.”

Let that encourage you.

If you are the kind of person who needs a kick in the butt to do anything at all, remember that if you wait too long to achieve your dreams, you will die without achieving your dreams, and that would genuinely be terrible. Don’t wait too long. Get up and go. Do it. Now.

I am taking a break from this blog and I have taken a break from writing and I will continue to take a break from my novel probably until I can get my life together and be ready to commit to another round of writechain.

Yet, at the same time, I finally was able to write something, and even though it wasn’t really fiction, it was still so fun to write. It was so exciting to get my words down on paper and I loved it so much.

Writing is awesome.


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