Romantic maturity and broken characters

Ann Perkins is broken. And a baby. She keeps chasing after her ex boyfriends. She doesn’t move on. She doesn’t get it. Has she kind of been made to fit the dumb blond stereotype except she is a brown haired girl, or is that my internalized misogyny showing its head? That’s not a rhetorical question, I actually have no idea.

This is adorable and I love them. Photo from

But she basically is a baby because she can’t have a steady relationship which has a real nice irony when juxtaposed with the fact that April and Andy are happily married. They aren’t functional or anything like that, and it’s somewhat scary how unprepared for the real world they are, yet, it has a charm, because everyone feels like that, and probably more people have been like that for longer than they care to admit. Because let’s get real, those two children are foolish and it scares me that they are alive. But, they are living happily together while Ann can’t get her act together. Romantically. She does have a job which is good but Andy and April also both have jobs, so.


Ann’s story wasn’t that great. Let’s talk more about how the writing subtly hints at the archetypes the characters fall into. Ron literally calls everyone son. He literally calls everyone son. What does that mean? Does that automatically make a character like him the father figure? I’m not sure, because I don’t have extensive data pertaining to that relationship I just described, but I know that in Ron Swanson’s case, it is definitely. The case that he is the dad.

I mean it is absolutely adorable how he loves Andy and takes him to school and it’s wonderful. And it’s wonderful how he’s a good friend to Amy but it also still feels like he’s kind of her dad. But maybe that’s y internalized misogyny seeing females as lesser than males. Hm. I must keep a close tracker on this.

When it comes to Amy/Leslie, I have less to say, because I really don’t want to say it. I admire her so much and see her as a role model, which is bad, because this is a comedy, and comedies make fun of things, and exaggerate things, and this show is not real life. Right now, this show is very real life to me. I am no longer myself. I am these characters. That has been what the past few weeks have been like, if you want my full and complete honesty. Well a few days were bad and I am getting better I guess and coming back to my own identity slowly. But yeah. I have issues. Moving on.

But Amy/Leslie is just as much of a baby as everyone else was. I don’t think Mark Brandanowitz was really a baby, come to think of it. Jerry isn’t a baby, but he’s an idiot. It’s sad that he’s very competent at some things, but he’s an idiot and everyone hates him and I understand. The comic relief in the comedy. Or is this a tragicomedy? I mean there is certainly some crying going on. //I’m going to write spoiler alert because I’m an idiot and apparently I think that people haven’t watched this show. This is an amazing show. I don’t just watch any show. Especially for this long for this amount of time.  I said the same thing twice I am apparently not okay. Anyway. Moving on. Watch this show.// Ben, I don’t think, is a baby, but he was also broken when Leslie and Ben broke up.

I still didn’t talk in depth about Amy/Leslie which I should definitely try to do, though. But. Yes. Have a good day.


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