Character foils and brokenness

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Side note before we begin: I might accidentally call Leslie “Amy” instead of Leslie. Just go with it.

I am beginning to think that the show Parks and Recreations is actually about characters breaking down and becoming broken and dealing with their realities shattered. Their images of reality are shattered. I think that’s what all books should be about, though. They should be about characters overcoming adversity. That’s literally what books should be about.

I am going to continue talking about different characters on Parks and Recreation, at least for today, and how they are all broken and alone and dying.

I actually did not finish talking about Chris. He is this always positive guy, always gets what he wants. //this is obviously a spoiler, but this show has been over for a long time, so that means everyone has watched this and really, why am I even tagging this spoiler.// Then in Season 4 Episode 3, Leslie needs to get her birth certificate from Eagleton to prove that she’s born in Pawnee and Chris asks for it with hsi usual smile and he doesn’t get it. His stuff doesn’t work anymore. As Leslie said in Season 4 Episode 15, Chris was kind of stupid to dumb to dump Ann, who is a perfect person. Which is interesting, because Ann is definitely not a perfect person, which we will go over more later.

I’m not sure if Chris is actually depressed but a medical diagnosis doesn’t matter. He is so sad, so broken, so alone, that he cannot find anything to be happy about. He cannot find a single positive thing in his situation. He has lost Ann, Ben, and now Millicent, Jerry’s daughter. This is a huge change in his behavior and what is going to bring him back?

Ann, on the other hand, has an interesting story, as well. She thinks she is so perfect. Well, I think that she thinks she is so perfect because Leslie thinks she is so perfect. But anyway. Everyone thinks she is the adult because she took care of Andy and there was such a juxtaposition there with his almost literal babiness and her seemingly mature and senseful demeanor. Apparently babiness is not a word and I can’t think of the adjective form on sense. I am having a rough time right now. Give me a break. But, in actuality, well, Andy is still a nightmare. But he’s an adorable happy nightmare and he’s so happy and it’s great. He’s happy for everything. He’s so grateful. He is the opposite of Tom actually. This was shown in Season 2 Episode 17 (which seems like an extremely long time ago. I thought Andy was giving Tom advice about Entertainment 720 but maybe he was giving Tom advice and then after the advice Tom created Entertainment 720. I don’t now. Basically Andy gives Tom advice to follow his dreams and then Tom acts like an idiot.) Tom is just never happy because this government job isn’t really where he is supposed to be. Yet it is, because he is inefficient and lazy, which makes the government job a perfect place for him. But, he is a dreamer, so he feels unhappy. Andy on the other hand is so grateful for everything. It’s kind of amazing.

We still didn’t get to talk about Ann, but we will! She is a broken, broken character and we can analyze her to bits! Yay!


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