Writing is a deeply personal process

I don’t feel like I have connected with my characters Sam and Selene for a while. I have been keeping up with my #writechain but I guess I have been writing other stuff besides Sam and Selene?

Which isn’t also entirely true, either. I have been writing a little bit of Sam and Selene everyday.

What actually happened?

For two days, (three and four days ago), I was having a very, very rough non-writing life. Going through some hard times, struggling with stuff. I have escaped the deep, dark hole of despair for now, so I can look back and evaluate my feelings and realize that I truly miss Sam and Selene.

I need to think of lots of cute and awesome ideas for them so I can write them more and more and be super happy about them.

Sometimes life gets away from me and I can’t even find happiness in writing. But it’s okay. I’m working on my writing as well as on my mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional ¬†health. It’s all a process. It all goes hand in hand. I can’t get better at writing unless I get better at living.

What I learned about writing over the past few days is that sometimes it’s okay to take a writing break. It’s really okay. It sucks to break your #writechain, and if you are really adamant (like me) than you can start a new story or do some planning just to make your #writechain because, let’s be real, it is so satisfying to have a long write chain. It’s not even a pride thing. Okay, yes it is. But. It’s also the fact that I am stubborn and I want to do #writechain every day because I said I would. And I want what I want and I get what I want.

I have felt hatred for the Selene story at times but now that I love it again, I realize it’s like a sin graph. Emotions about writing will go up and down, just like emotions in life go up and down. Everything changes. No two days are the same. That’s what makes it fun and interesting and engaging.

Especially me, I get bored very, very easily. So I have to remember that about myself. I have to accept that about myself and invent new ways to help myself be successful. If I can’t write the same story for a week in a row, then I have to change it up some. Every three days, I can work on a different project. Or at least, I can alternate between projects. I’m not trying to write two novels at a time, I have my novel (Sam and Selene), the serialized short story in my neighborhood magazine (Isaura), and several short stories for class or for immediate submission for hopeful publication (after rounds and rounds of tiring editing of course). So I am definitely not trying to break any rules about don’t try and write more than 2 or 3 novels at the same time because things will get muddled and the author might burn out. Burn out is bad. Don’t burn out.

Change up what you write. It’s okay. Do what’s best for you. Writing is a deeply personal process.

You got this.


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