Tough Day

I’m exhausted.

I’m tired and nothing is working right and my tea is cold and it took me 4 hours to write 200 words.

I feel terrible.

Writing is hard. Especially on hard days. My Sam and Selene story did not inspire me at all and I had to finish my write chain link with a new dog sled story I started based on a photo prompt that I am showing you guys much later than now (because its a snowy prompt, I wanted to give it to you guys in the snowy months, not in spring. Even though it personally looks like winter outside my window right now due to snow.)

I’m proud that I kept on trying, though. I’m unhappy that I was on tumblr looking for prompts for 3.999 hours but I got the writechain done. I’m still an amateur. But it takes time to get to the master/god level of writechain goodness. And when I get to that level, hopefully I will be done with the Sam/Selene story.

Today was terrible. Non-writing life was terrible, thus making writing life terrible. I couldn’t even make myself happy by writing Sam/Selene. It was that terrible.

But I got through it. It was a hard writing day but I figured it out.

I’m stubborn, though, so I want to find happiness in my Sam/Selene story today, but I think I should just let it go. I’m stubborn so I want to write more than 200 words today, but again, I have to let it go sometimes. I’m tired, I have had a taxing day. I have been deeply unhappy today. I need to give myself a break. Let myself sleep. Tomorrow, I need to tend to all my non-writing duties, and then after that, hopefully I can write a lot more.

I don’t like waiting for inspiration because real writers don’t wait for inspiration, we just write, no matter how hard it is, because we know we have to get the job done. Balance is literally impossible. No matter what it is in life that I have to balance, I can’t seem to do it.

I don’t know. I will figure it out, hopefully, with time.

For now, I have written 200 words today and that is enough.


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