Big Hero 6 Lessons: Motif


Tadashi is immortal in Hiro’s heart.

I just got that.

Apparently, this was some amazing epiphany that I wanted to talk about, so amazing, that it deserves its own blog post.

So I am going to take this opportunity to talk about symbols in stories.

In my Isaura story I tried to put in symbolism by planning out everything amazingly and assigning symbols to each character and having motifs appear repeatedly throughout the story, and I think I did okay even before I started the “planning phase.” I went back into previous and tried to emulate the way I introduced characters throughout the story. For example, one of the mages has a big black cloak and her skin looks like undulating sand dunes, or something like that.  I guess it’s less motif like and more just copying and pasting from myself.

I am pretty sure I didn’t just copy and paste I tried to be similar to, but not mirror. Which, hopefully, is a good idea.

The song Immortal played throughout Big Hero 6, every time the main characters fought, and it continuously shows why Hiro is even fighting in the purpose. What drives Hiro’s character? This seems to be a textbook example of how a song should be used in a movie, because of the functions Immortal provides in this story.

To top it all off, it takes a while (WELL it took me a while, okay, so!) to realize what is even happening here. All I was focused on was how cool the song Immortal sounded in the piece and then somehow I got to the conclusion that it was about Tadashi.

It was actually so long ago that I cannot remember anything about my thought process.


I think that might be the goal of writing? The authors gives enough subtle hints that the reader apparently makes a random conjecture, and feels really amazing about themselves, even though there was enough information to begin with. Like the readers’ subconscious works with all the information, and produces a cute little discovery, and the reader is like, “wow!! I am amazing!! I am going to read more of this.”

Even though BG6 is a movie, not a book, so readers wouldn’t be readers, but viewers.


And, I think it would be even more amazing if the “conjecture” that readers made was actually an important future plot point, or something, instead of a “random cute discovery” like Tadashi is immortal in Hiro’s heart, like, duh, of course he is. Hiro is literally all alone in this world (except for Baymax, the aunt, and his 5 new friends) after Tadashi died. I mean seriously how can that many people in one family die. It’s like Naruto, or something.

This is something interesting to think about and something that I have no idea how to implement in real life. I just apparently really wanted to write about Big Hero 6, Immortal.


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