Surmountable Challenges

A very good, and wise friend of mine once told me in a Google Hangout

aiming high is good
you will succeed
you have no choice
people adapt to the tasks they are given.

Prompting this insightful advice from my friend, my concern about the level of my writing and thinking, compared to the task I envisioned for myself, in terms of writing my Isaura story, plagued me. I, as I mentioned before, maybe, am making a list of the themes that have graced the pages of my story. This is taking forever. I started this draft on Feb 16 and am just now getting back to it. In fact, I got back to it twelve days later, and you are getting this post way into the future because that’s how scheduling posts work.

I still have not opened up Isaura again. I have been busy with school and snow days and life has been crazy. I have not even eaten lunch today. I have eaten a cantaloupe and a single piece of toast with peanut butter and honey. So I am making bad decisions today. I slept for 3 hours. I wanted to write. I wrote during the basketball game yesterday.

I am also doing write chain by the way. This is one way to overcome challenges.

Why is fear always holding me back? It’s frustrating. In my Isaura story, in my Selene story.

I actually forgot about the Isaura story. I have to plan for that. I also hate planning.

Survival is biologically ingrained in every human. Every human is goal oriented. Goals vary vastly. There are 7 billion different goals. I want to write. I’m going to figure it out eventually. Like it might take forever and I might mess up at first and have to bail myself out of plot holes later because of the nature of the situation but you know what? At some point I am going to finish this story. And I will look back at the years I have spent on writing the stupid Isaura story and either I will think “why am I such an idiot” or I will look back upon it fondly and be happy that I got the experienced.

Either way, I have stuff written, and I have been published, and that’s pretty legit. And I should give myself credit for my accomplishments. I submitted a piece to a real live lit mag and didn’t even mention that in my previous publications. That’s not cool.

Give yourself credit when you deserve and believe in yourself. People can accomplish pretty amazing things. It’s all part of the fun.



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