The pursuit of perfection

My Selene story is giving me trouble.

So I am going to take inspiration from my favorite basketball team, who are also in pursuit of perfection, to hopefully help me out with my dilemma.

As I mentioned earlier, I am afraid of writing my Selene story down. I am afraid of finalizing it. I don’t want to ruin the perfection that I feel that it has as simply an idea in my head.

With my Selene story, I’m afraid to make it not perfect. I am afraid to mess it up. In my head, it’s a “perfect” idea, because it doesn’t exist yet. It has the possibility of perfection.

I have to get over that. I have to crush that fear. I have to annihilate it.

No story is perfect. Harry Potter isn’t perfect. Need I say more? I want to say the Bible isn’t perfect but that’s pushing into religion which is scary, and a fear to conquer at a different time, definitely not know.

Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist isn’t perfect.

Haha, just kidding, it is. Especially when read by Jeremy Irons THANK YOU JESUS for this beautiful gift.



Back to fear. And perfection.

No basketball game is perfect. Someone misses shots. Or many people. Someone makes a turnover, or doesn’t capitalize on a turnover from the other team. Someone throws the ball out of bounds for no reason. No game is perfect. There are always improvements to make. Individual players can get higher percentages in shooting, and pass better, and communicate better.

Similarly,  writers are always trying to improve. Dialogue. Plot. Syntax.

You can do it. We can all do it. We are trying our best, and that is enough. And it will pay off in the end. If you have a fear of not being perfect, get over it. No one is perfect. It’s a rough draft. It’s not supposed to be perfect.

I have inspired myself to throw caution to the wind and write a shitty rough draft because I will come back and make it better later.

Ideas are useless, anyway. No one can benefit from them except for the person who had it. It might make that person happy for hours, days, weeks, months. Probably not longer than that. But what about after that? Can something so amazing, that brought such joy for such a long time, really be useless after a period of time? Can the “happiness juice” really be sucked out of such a thing?

That’s stupid.  Happiness isn’t a well. It shouldn’t run dry. Drought shouldn’t exist in terms of happiness. Everyone deserves to be happy. All the time. Happiness is good.

So that’s why books are better than ideas. Written word is better than ideas. Written word can spread and bring joy to many people, can teach them, can change their lives. The written word can bring the author happiness for many years to come, too. It’s quite possible that I have this notion because I have not started the long process of editing a full fledged novel–even editing a 13 page short story tires me out, and tries my patience–but I imagine writing a story that I would want to read. I imagine opening up that book and reading it for my own pleasure.

I wish I could do that. But I know I won’t be able to after spending years and years editing that book. I will be sick of the characters and the plot and will probably  never want to open that book again. That makes me sad. But this was not the purpose of this post.

The purpose of this post was to tell you this.

Usually, my final drafts are way better than my rough drafts. Duh, right? Good. If they weren’t, I should just give up writing now and never return to a word document ever again. But, usually, my final drafts have new elements that are so beautifully amazing that I could have never “imagined”  in the rough draft, or when my story was just a “perfect idea” in my head.

So think about this. Your rough draft, after changing, and growing, and evolving, after many revisions, will become perfect in a new way.

That sounds pretty good to me.


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