I am so excited about my  Selene story.

But I have a deadline.

My workload for school, community involvement, writing for my neighborhood magazine and for class, and college stuff all battles with writing the Selene story for my time. I only have 24 hours in a day, and I really do need sleep to function. Everyone needs sleep to function. I am about to fall asleep right now. I am so tired for travelling and I don’t even know.

But I really do want to commit to this blog.

Unfortunately, I am never going to run out of inspiration for this blog, whereas I’m racing against time to write that novel. I have the inspiration for that novel now, and I think I mentioned this earlier, the Selene story is based on a feeling. And feelings change quickly. I have to capitalize on the feelings I have now and get that novel done.

Plus, when I write with what I am feeling, I enjoy writing so much. Today, I had a small epiphany. Writing is full of small epiphanies. What feels like winning a battle yesterday, may actually just be a small step forward in the process, that is, yesterday it was so hard to write a single page; but then, finally an idea struck and it was easy to write two or even five pages. But, now today is a new day, and I have to keep working on the novel. But writing is full of small epiphanies that make writing so amazing. Even “small victories” feel amazing, and that feeling of accomplishment and excitement is what keeps me going. It’s what keeps me writing. It’s why I literally love writing.

And I want to keep up with this blog as well. But I do not want it to take time away from my novel, or my love of writing. I also only want to post quality content on here, not just post every day for the sake of posting daily. I do not have the time to post quality content daily. While I may learn something about writing every single day, because hopefully I am writing every single day, in the short term, specifically on the Selene novel, it may just be reiterating something I already know. I do not want to post the same content on this website over and over. Nor do I want to post a play by play of what I am writing in the Selene novel because that might be boring, and I might as well just type the draft live on this blog for you. I do not want to bore you, and I do not want to hand you my unpolished first rough draft of a novel. Both seem like disasters to me.

I will make an attempt to work on my Selene story every day. If I have a basketball game to watch or a test to study for the next day, I will give myself a pass. But, I anticipate that I will finish this novel because I am determined to.

And for this blog, I will update it as regularly as I can. I might be on more often than I think. Inspiration strikes at any moment, and I want to be able to utilize it.

Good luck to everyone writing through the storms of busy lives and may we all achieve success, in all the forms and fashions that we desire!


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