Why you should to #10kwritathon

How much can you write in a day? Really, how much? How much is 10,000 words, though, really, in terms of your story? How far along in the plot will your characters be? How well will they know each other? Do they trust each other?

How much can happen in 10,000 words? How little can happen?

What is stamina? Do you have it? Rigor? Strength, not just of body (though that may be required to a certain extent, as well) but strength of mind?

Do you like testing limits? Pushing boundaries? Being insane?

How many questions can I start this blog post with?

16, apparently.

The answers to the other questions, though? (17)

You’re going to have to do #10kwritathon to find out.

photo from sportsconflict.org

What is #10kwritathon? (18) If you take a wild guess, you will probably be right.

It’s where writers come together to each write 10,000 words. In one day. That’s 1/5 of NaNoWriMo, by the way, an entire week-ish of words written in one day.

In this article, it talks about the 4 steps to writing 10,000 words in a day: determining your time scale (8 t0 12 hours recommended), choose hourly target (something that you can do in say 40 minutes, so that you can use the rest of the 20 minutes as a break), schedule your writing sessions, and get support from others. There are lists of Do’s and Don’t’s which include

DO take breaks and DO NOT forget to take breaks.

This feat is crazy. It’s a lot of words. It’s too many words. I can’t get 1000 words in a day sometimes, it takes me an hour. Pushing the limits REALLY MEANS pushing the limits.

The good news is, no matter what word count you get tomorrow, it’s a win. If I do regular school homework for 12 hours today, maybe I can write for 12 hours tomorrow.

I don’t know.

I don’t even know if I have 12 hours to write tomorrow. I really don’t think I do. I have meetings, and praying, and all kinds of life situations.

Does that sound like I am making excuses to you?

But guess what. Just because I can do all those things, doesn’t mean I can’t write 1000 words. Or 1500 words.

But 10,000 words?

Push yourself, yes, but take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself. If you can’t do it, then try your best and whatever word count you get will be higher than what you would have gotten if you didn’t try. if you aim high, even if you fail, you still achieve more than you would have if you aimed low.

If it really, really bothers you to not make your goals, then how will you progress further in life? If you always aim low or middle, or where you know you can achieve, then you aren’t going to achieve anything new. You are going to do the same old things, true and tried. Tried and true. That’s boring. That’s no way to live life.

So aim for 10,000. If you don’t get it, so what? At least you got 1 hour of way more productive writing than you normally would have, aiming for just 1000. If I aim for 1000 I can do like 600 in an hour maybe if I am being really lazy that day. But I am trying my best? Who knows how much I can write in 1 hour. The possibilities are endless.

And you know what? There are millions of reasons why you shouldn’t do this crazy fuckery, but there’s only one reason why you should.

To write.

By the way, there were 25 questions in this article. 🙂



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