Writing takes so much time, and Excuses

It took me 1 hour to actually start writing. Yet I have to count the entire thing as writing, because it’s certainly not homework or studying time. Yet it’s not true writing time. It’s warm up time. It’s down time. It’s totally not productive.

Yet, I have to spend that time.

I have to spend that time figuring out what to write. It takes that long to stalk The Write Practice website for ideas, because I’m too lazy or too drained (or too normal) to think of ideas on my own.  But it takes that long to come across and article that actually offers its own inspiration. There are lots of articles about inspiring to begin writing, or about the process of editing and writing, or just random other articles. But there are a few articles that are amazing in the sense that they are kind of vague enough that each person who sees it will get a different story idea based off the “prompt” just because everyone has had different life experiences. And I think that’s really cool.

Yet, I have to let myself take that time. Once I find a story idea, then I can just work on that for a few days or months, or however long it takes me to finish a particular piece. I started a novel. I might not have enough time to write a chapter a day, or even a chapter a week. Maybe two chapters a month? Or even a chapter a month. As long as I keep at it. I really want to finish this novel. If I work at it, even one chapter a month, I can have a finished rough draft within a year, which is a lot shorter than never finishing the novel, ever.

There are so many things to procrastinate on while writing

  • just not writing. doing something else. like homework. or something.
  • finding character names.
  • “planning”…oh the evils of planning
  • thinking about writing
  • talking to people about writing
  • editing something else
  • going back and editing the first chapter of whatever is being worked on right now
  • writing this blog post

Basically there are infinite ways to procrastinate on writing. Sometimes it’s good to take a break and recharge. But I have been doing that for the past 10,000 years, so I really need to start writing.

I also really need to keep up with this blog, so it’s a constant struggle.

There are so many things to write that no matter what I write I am procrastinating on something else, and I am going to not let it stress me out because I am doing the best I can. There are only 24 hours in a day. And apparently human adolescents are supposed to sleep 9 hours a day, and adults, 6 to 8 hours. And plus, there’s school which takes up a minimum of 8 hours. And then there’s homework which takes up a minimum of 4 hours. So, isn’t that already almost 24 hours? And what about eating and showering?

Basically, this blog post is a lot of excuses that could be used to not write.

But at the end of the day, why would I not want to write? That is why I am trying to hard to keep this blog updated. I want to write.

So, no matter what I write, I am going to be happy with myself and let myself write that. Even if it’s blog post after blog post to be scheduled.


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