Approaching T^2

I am terrified. Thrilled and terrified. These are the perfect conditions for writing, but I am still focusing more on the terror than the thrill.

I need to shift my focus.

I wrote one word on my paper (the character’s name) and I am too terrified to continue. I have to get over it. I have to forge ahead.

This is the story that I am meant to write at this time. This is what I have been inspired to do, so I must do it.

Of course it’s going to be “bad” in some places.

But sometimes, rough drafts prove to be glorious pieces of work, with sparkling paragraphs and luscious descriptions.

But that can’t happen unless I write.

So, today I am going to write Chapter 1 of the Story I am Supposed to write (STIASTW). (That is not catchy at all. I will think of a better name and let you know.)

That is all I wanted to say. Good bye.


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