Literally who are you?

I am trying to write my Selene story but unfortunately

I have no idea who the characters are.

Sometimes, I know exactly who the characters are, and I know everything I would ever need to know about them, and more, but I don’t have a good enough story to put them in. Yet, if you know your characters, you should be able to figure out a story because all you have to do is  put the characters through turmoil. That’s the whole point of stories. So if you have a character and no plot, it’s better than having a plot and no characters. In my opinion. But unfortunately, I don’t have a plot and I don’t have characters, so I have essentially no story. I have an idea. Like, I have a feeling.

Which is actually cool to think about. There are so many possibilities for a story that just begins on a feeling.

The feeling is love, in case you were wondering.

Which I do not need to feel defensive about. Love is as good of an emotion as hate or excitement or any of the emotions. Revenge isn’t really an emotion, but vengeful would be the revenge emotion, I guess. But anyway.

Emotions are cool.

But not knowing who the characters are isn’t.

So, I am trying to figure out who my characters are.

So far, they actually have physical bodies. Yay! But not much else than that. I’m still trying to figure them out.

And it’s taking a lot of time. Oh, well. Whatever. It’s still writing. If I am going to  invest time in this story, then I have to truly invest time.

But also I have to work on that magazine story, so I don’t know how I am going to balance all of this stuff. Oh, well. We will see what happens.

I literally have no idea who they are so this is really important for me to do.

So I am filling out character sheets on the two main ones. I think I may fill out more in the process of the story, especially if I pull my favorite trick of writing several stories in the same world but about different characters in that world.

I am on the question on the character sheet that asks what my character’s hobbies were.

And guess what.

I don’t know any hobbies.

The only hobby I have is writing, and I will never, ever write a character who writes. I do not want to do that. That is too close to home and unnecessary and once I read that editors don’t want to read stories about people who write because it sounds like the author of the story hasn’t experienced anything in life except being an author which is boring.

It sounded more convincing when they said it, trust me.

In conclusion, we will wait and see what happens.



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