Immortal Cliches

There is probably much to be said about the Big Hero 6 movie. Probably much of it has already been said. But I just wanted to talk about how me and my brother pretty much knew everything that was going to happen. Even my dad was about to predict stuff—my dad accurately predicted one of Hero’s lines of dialogue, which I was quite proud of my dad for doing.

I just want to talk about the moment when Hiro’s like “we’re almost there!” and I was like, “if Baymax dies, I am going to be so unhappy” and also guess what I kept calling him Baymac whoops but then Baymax DID DIE and I was SO MAD I hated the movie for the rest of the like minute until I realized that Baymax gave Hero Tadashi’s card šŸ™‚ So yay for Baymax still being alive and HIro getting over his brother’s death.

Everyone dies in a fire. If you want to write an emotional story, someone has to die in a fire.

Also the different between the bad guy and the good guy was the bad guy suffered alone. Hiro had so many friends. That he pushed away, but they all still love him because he is their dead best friend’s little brother.

It was kind of random at some points… Like when the rest of the team freaked out about Hiro trying to kill that old professor guy. But at the same time, kind of not so random, now that I think about it. Like, only a 14 year old kid would think that to solve his internal struggles about his brother’s death, he should kill the guy that was kind of correlated except not really with his brother’s death. Because that’s logical. Wasabi should have been the leader, but the movie is pretty much named after Hiro, so, I guess Hiro gets to be the leader. Also, Hiro had the most emotional/tragic backstory. Oh! Yeah. Also, Hiro’s parents died, so that makes him the main character.

A side note on names–Hiro’s name is literally Hero. That is an example of something that happens a lot in fiction, naming your character what they literally are.


But as cliched as everything was, somehow, cliches work for Disney. Even though my entire family, except for my mom for some reason–maybe she just didn’t voice them–knew what was going to happen, we all still kept watching. And we all really liked the movie. And it didn’t even haveĀ thatĀ great of a moral, like Kung Fu Panda did, for instance. Some movies have great morals–our family (especially our dad) is really cheesy like that, in tha the likes movies with great “morals.” For example, my dad likes Karate Kid. Even the new one. He’s weird. Don’t judge him, I will fight you. But, back to BH6, even though it was full of cliches, it was really funny at times. Which I guess brought us back in. If it was “serious” about being cliche–acting like it wasn’t full of cliches, for example–then we probably would have laughed at it–just for that reason. At least the movie was funnyĀ on purposeĀ which is better than being funny…on accident. Especially when they wereĀ trying forĀ serious.

There were so many cliches in Big Hero 6 Ā but I still love it because it was so funny and cute, and because of the amazing song that was in it! Fall Out Boy is pretty amazing.

I leave you with their song.,d.eXY


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