I really love to write

This seems like a stupid realization to make. I am a writer–self proclaimed, at that–and I have a writing blog, where I talk about my writing escapades, and what I have learned from writing, and more, but everything I write on this blog is about writing. Not only do I run a blog about writing–I also actually write. I write stories. I write all kinds of stories, from short stories, to novels, to strange essays–to blog posts! I also try and write poetry sometimes. It doesn’t always go well. But I try. So why am I just now realizing that I like writing?

Well, I’m not just realizing it. I know I like writing. I have known since 4th grade. I will tell you my writing origin story soon. But for now, let’s focus on this instance.

Periodically through my life, I rediscover that I love writing. I will be in the process of writing, and really getting into it, and then it’s been an hour, or two, or three, and I realize that I’m still writing. I think, I must really like writing! And I do really like writing! I love it so much that I try to do it everyday. It might not be on the computer–it might be in a composition book. It might just be in my head, thinking about stories, or planning for future or current stories. But my life revolves around writing.

I love thinking about characters and plots and settings, and I love the challenges that writing encompasses.

Sometimes I say that I hate writing, but I really don’t. Especially since I keep coming back to it. People don’t go back to hobbies that they hate. At least I hope not.

Today, I discovered that I like writing because I am going back into my old writing and thinking of new ideas that I have never thought of before, of where to take the story that I am writing for a magazine/the Isaura story. I am planning in depth.

And it’s tiring. Planning can be terrible. Planning can be fun for some people, and it used to be fun for me. But, as I will talk more about in a later post, the more I planned, the less I wrote. Not just in the span of planning. Because, as one of my writer mentors/idols Michelle said, planning is not the same as writing, and doesn’t count as writing. Definitely not. Reading Michelle’s article about planning versus writing actually probably started my hate of planning. The hate didn’t exactly surface immediately after I read that article–I actually continued to plan everything extensively for a LONG time after reading that article. My hate for planning surfaced only recently, but I will talk about that in a different post.

On a side note, I inspired a blog post. I am very thrilled.

So, in conclusion, I really love writing. No matter how long it takes. Even when I hate it. Even when I edit a piece so much that I end up hating it. It’s all a part of the process. I am so excited to start editing the 169page novel that by the way, I wrote for some kind of NaNoWriMo (I can’t remember if I mentioned that part.) (I mean, how else would I end up with a document that’s over 50,000 words? Definitely NaNoWriMo!) I am excited about the prospect of writing, and I love actually writing, too.

Speaking of writing, I really need to get back to my writing. 🙂 See you all soon!


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