New Perspective

So I talked about my 169page story recently and I wanted to elaborate on what new perspectives I have gained, doing a compare and contrast type of thing, basically.

One similarity between my 2012 self and my 2015 self is that I write notes to myself in my writing. I will be writing the story as normal and then

go off on a random tangent because something i was writing reminded me of something else, or I don’t actually know what I am writing about so I will explicitly state that to myself

For nor other reason than…I want to? I like talking to myself? I guess I’m crazy. Whatever. I like myself.

One difference is that while I was writing the story, I could not see the main character Tin’s faults. Of course that’s understandable because when I was writing this story in 2012, I basically wrote it as what I saw my future to be. So, the main character was myself, but several years older.

As I was reading the draft in 2015, I was like, “wow this character is so me” though I could see her faults. And they are a lot of my faults, but that’s okay, because, like I said, this character was literally supposed to be me. But, like I said, the most interesting thing about this process was that I read in a little note to myself that

Does this character even have any faults????

I wrote that in a note to myself in the document. And now, as a more experienced writer and reader, the answer is a resounding yes!  She has no self-esteem, and the main fault, though, In my opinion, is that she tries to please everyone. I think when I edit this story, that should be one of the main focuses. I guess that kind of goes along with the classic tale of someone tries to please everyone, and then they don’t please anyone, and then they start trying to make themsleves happy, and realize that people would be happy no matter what.

Some people, anyway.

Obviously the story is far from perfect. But like I said, there are a lot of good ideas in it. I am excited to start working with this story more!


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